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almost 2 years ago

Webinar Reminder - Tips and best practices for pitching your project

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, February 3rd at 9am PT, we will be hosting a webinar where we'll share best practices and tips that will help you create an effective pitch for your Hedera21 project, be sure to RSVP here. If you cannot make it, we will be recording the session and will upload the link to the webinars tab later In the day. Following this webinar, on February 5th and 8th members of the Hedera team will be available for pitch practice sessions. If you'd like to get feedback on your pitch or your project in general this is a great time to do so. To reserve your spot, please fill out your details on this form. If these days and times do not work for you, you can email your availability and we'll find a time for you. 

The Financial Services mini-challenge is now live, details below:

  1. Take a photo of an exiting financial service application that could benefit from tokenization
  2. Post the image on Twitter with a description of why it makes sense to integrate HTS & tokenization. Be sure to tag @googlecloud and add #Hedera21

Prize - Anyone who completes this by Friday, February 5th at 5pm PT will receive a Hedera mug.

We are less than 2 weeks away from the closing of the hackathon, if you have any questions or need help be sure to book time with a mentor, ask questions in discord, and join any of the upcoming open office hours.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum ask in Discord.